Emily Steffen

I'm new here ONSIE

What better way than to welcome a baby with joy and extra cuddles than an adorable onsie?!?! A perfect gift for a mom-to-be or a fresh little baby! :) I designed this onsie when pregnant with my daughter and am so excited to share it with you! 

Made from 100% cotton and made for every new baby that likes to cuddle! :)

There are 3 options for sizes; be sure to select your preference at checkout
*Newborn long sleeve which comes with the hand-covering mittens on the arms
*Newborn short sleeve
*0-3 month short sleeve


Shirts are recommended to be washed inside out and line dry (no dryers please, they could ruin the lettering). And please no ironing, the heat can ruin the pretty lettering! :) 


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